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Pets On Jets

Ireland’s Leading International Pet Transport

Safe and secure pet moves to and from Ireland

Our 40 years of experience means that you can leave the entire pet move process in our hands, therefore allowing you to focus on your holiday or other aspects of your move abroad for greater peace of mind.

Going on a holiday or
permanent move abroad?

Here at AIRSEA our highly trained Pets On Jets Team specialise in the care and transport of live animals – who will arrange and manage the transportation of all pets to any International destination by Air, also as part of our extensive pet moves service, we can also easily provide airline approved regulated travel crates – including a water system.

We also offer a pickup and delivery service for your pet to anywhere in Ireland.

Many of our popular destinations include: Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates, and many more.

Additionally we are happy to offer advice on the following topics:

  • Health Certificates, Blood test requirements (only required by some countries)
  • Import license requirements (only required by some countries)
  • Quarantine requirements (only required by some countries)

Start to plan your
trip with us.

To aid the Pets On Jets team to provide you with an up-to-date quote. Please use our online quotation form by clicking the link below. Here it will be important that the information you provide about your pet and pet move is accurate.

Which will enable Our highly-trained Pets on Jets team to reply promptly with our best and most suitable quotation and the details of your pet move and pet travel plan.

You can also call us on local call 01 8446044 or internationally +353 (0)1  844 6044.

Frequently Asked Questions

Naturally you may have questions about your pets wellbeing while travelling. The experienced staff at AIRSEA have compiled a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions for your peace of mind.

Is it safe for my pet to fly?

Travelling by air is safe for your pets. As it is safe for people.  Though your pet will not travel in the cabin, they will travel in a specialised cargo compartment, that is climate controlled and pressurised to ensure maximum safety and comfort for your pets.

Can my pet travel with adaptil collars or flat collars?

Airlines advise that pets do not travel wearing a collar of any kind, as it is deemed a choking hazard. They can, however, be attached to their airline approved crate, so that they can be refitted when they reach their destination.

  • Specifically Adaptil/Feliway products, it is advised that the spray foam is used instead.

Is it possible to send personal items with my pet?

Yes – Small items such as collars and leashes can be sent with your pet.

  • However, it is not advised to send valuable items as they can become detached during travel and can be confiscated by the airline or customs.
  • Comfort items such as a thin blanket or personal t-shirt, can go into the crate (at the airlines discretion).

Will my pet have food and water during the flight?

We will supply your pet with a drink of water at the airport before departure.

  • Food is not provided during the flight as it is deemed a choking hazard.
  • It is requested that you provide a small bag of dry food for your pet in the case that your pets flight is delayed or has a long period of stop over.

Where can I buy an airline approved crate?

AIRSEA can supply you with an airline approved crate at an additional cost to your initial estimate, if not originally included.

When you provide AIRSEA with your pet’s measurements, we can then match the best sized crate for your pet.

I’m unsure of how to measure my pet, what do I do?

AIRSEA can help you! – Please feel free to call into our office with your pet and we can help with the measurements and we can advise you on the most suitable travel crate for your pet.

Not able to call into our office? Then contact AIRSEA on + 353 1 8446044 where we can assist you over the phone.

I’m finding it difficult to get my pet to/from Dublin Airport, what can I do?

AIRSEA can provide a direct door to door transport service for you pet to reduce your travel  less stressful. We can provide you with an estimate for this door to door service and can arrange it for you accordingly.

Can I give my pet a sedative before travel?

Airlines have the right to refuse your pet if there is evidence of your pet being under sedation – therefor the answer here is no. What you can do:

  • Prepare your pet for its journey by getting it accustomed to its travel crate.
  • It is also very important that you remain relatively calm around your pet.

My pet might need to urinate during travel, what happens then?

AIRSEA lines crates with absorbable puppy training pads to help soak up any little accidents that do occur.

Like humans, during flights our pets do experience a little dehydration which reduces the possibility of such accidents occurring.

It’s also advised not to feed your pet the morning before travel as this may increase the chance of defecation or vomiting.

Pets on Jets

Our 40 years of experience means that you can leave the entire pet move process in our hands

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