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Pet Travel Requirements

USA / Canada

For US & Canadian Moves the Health Certificate should cover the following:

  • Should be presented, typed, not handwritten on your Vets Headed Paper
  • Should include the pets Name, Date of Birth and microchip number and the Owners Name / Details too. 
  • Should state that the pet has been inspected by the Vet and found to be Fit, Healthy & Safe to Travel via Air. 
  • Should cover 2 basic Parasite Treatments (1 for Flea / Tic & 1 for Tapeworm)
  • Should state that they are flying from Ireland which is a Rabies Free Country.
  • Must bed Dated, Signed and Stamped by your Vet.
  • There must be one Health Certificate per Pet. You can’t put multiple pets on one cert.

The above must be taken care of no more than 5 days before the pets departure date. We generally recommend leaving it as close to the departure date as reasonably possible, in case of any unexpected delays that are out of anyones control (i.e: flight cancellation due to bad weather etc.)

For US & Canadian Moves

The Rabies vaccination isn’t needed for Canada and the US as they recognize Ireland as a Rabies Free country. However, not all customs officials are aware of this so if you already have a Valid Rabies Certificate, please send on a copy anyway.

To be clear though, if your pet does not have the Rabies Vaccination, it is okay to proceed without it.

If you do decide to get the Rabies Vaccination done before leaving Ireland, the pet must wait 21 days from Vaccination date before they can travel.

Restricted / “Strong” Breeds

Some Airlines will not accept so called “Strong Breeds” or Brachycephalic/Snub Nose Breeds.

A few Examples would be Mastiff, Pitbull’s, Bully Breeds (any mix) and Boxers, Pugs, Bulldogs, Boston Terriers etc.

In these instances it can take longer to quote as we have to do extra research to ensure we find the best possible travel solution for your pet.

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