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Human Remains


We specialise in International repatriation and have been privileged to serve undertakers from all parts of Ireland over the years to many parts of the world. Our extensive experience  in helping undertakers / families is specifically tailored to their needs. We would do our best to assist you in this difficult time should the need for our service arise.

Pets on Jets

Our 40 years of experience means that you can leave the entire pet move process in our hands

Excess Baggage
& Mini Moves

Use AIRSEA Excess Baggage Services to plan ahead and move everything.

House Removals

With our help we can make the difference between a stressful and a stress free house removal.

International Freight Forwarding

As freight forwarding and logistics professionals we partner with our customers to advise on the varying methods of transport available to move their goods.

Human Remains Repatriation

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