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Pet Transport – “Western Union” Scam.

By August 22, 2022No Comments

If asked to pay into a Western Union account, you may be the target of fraud.  

It has come to our attention that our company name is being used to defraud people unwittingly. Scammers are asking customers to pay into a Western Union account or other bank accounts. 

Using a fake online presence. The online scammers are attempting to deceive customers into thinking they are dealing with AIRSEA Forwarding Ltd., a reputable company.

Means & Methods:

Using fake websites or fake social media accounts designed to look like the real company. The scammers phish your information when you engage with them thinking you are dealing with the real company. Often they will then request you to transfer money. Usually after you have agreed or bought a service online, for e.g. pet transport.

This is not the only method but is a common example.

AIRSEA never requests money wired via WESTERN UNION. 

AIRSEA have been notified of this scam and have also been contacted by a number of concerned customers whose suspicions were raised either after they mistakenly used a fake website or received a call or request to transfer money.

What do I do?
A. Always ask the shipper for their NAME and AirSea BOOKING NUMBER.

B. Contact our office to confirm that the shipment is legitimate.

Please contact us immediately if you are in any doubt.

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